Odyssey (Birth - K)

Odyssey is our birth to kindergarten ministry at Redding First. 

Odyssey  Birth - Kindegarten We believe that, just like us, our children are on the journey of life.  With that in mind we strive to guide their journey through a Christ-focused curriculum that uses hands-on learning in a preschool type setting.  Our goal during your child's journey through the Odyssey is to teach them Bible-centered, engaging, lessons in an easy, hands-on way.   Our childcare workers*, Sunday School teachers, and volunteers are all amazing people called by God to be teaching our children.  Our desire to to help your child look forward to Sunday morning worship with us, helping you enjoy your time of fellowship and worship.

Kiera Chambers - Early Childhood Director

Nursery - Toddlers - 3's & 4's - 5's & Kindergarten

Nursery: Birth-walkers meet on the North side of the nursery.

The Odyssey strives to provided childcare that is much more that just "childcare".  We have a wonderful paid & volunteer staff that are trained to care for your child in a loving, interactive, hands-on way.  A church nursery is a very unique place, in the windows between diaper changes, bottle feedings, gold fish snacks, and rocking we strive to teach these precious children about their loving Creator through hands-on playing, singing, and simple Bible stories. We use 'First Look' Curriculum materials, produced by Orange www.whatisorange.org

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Toddlers: Toddlers meet on the south side of the Nursery.

Toddlers are growing, going, active members of our church body.  They embody the theme of our Children's Ministry "Odyssey; the journey begins."  We love to watch as they discover all about the odyssey of life.  We not only strive to guide them in this precious part of their journey, but they also end up guiding us! We use 'First Look' Curriculum materials, produced by Orange www.whatisorange.org

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3's & 4's: The 3's & 4's meet in the "polka-dot room"

We understand that preschool age kids need lots of hands-on learning and activities to help their minds grow.  We take pleasure in introducing your child to much loved Bible stories through fun, interactive ways to help them hide God's Word in their hearts forever. We use 'Square 1' materials a D6 Curriculum produced by Randall House.  D6family.com

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5's & kindergarten: 5's –K's meet in the striped room

As our children grow from preschool to school age we take those same Biblical truths and introduce them to the kids in a more classroom-type setting.  Helping our kids learn the love of God and his truths through hands-on projects as well as music, 'cooking', science, small and large motor skills, etc.  Always keeping in mind that children learn best through play. We use 'Round 2' materials D6 Curriculum produced by Randall House.  D6family.com

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*All of our childcare workers, Sunday school teachers and volunteers have been fingerprinted and background checked.