What is a Podcast?

We recently switched our podcast service to http://reddingfirst.libsyn.com/
If you have any questions or problems please use the Connect page and under "Catagories" select "website feedback" and we will do our best to help.
Thank You.

A Podcast can be described as many things. Here at Redding First Church our podcast comes in the form of Pastor Stephen Campbell's Sunday Sermon that we make available for you to download and listen.

How do I subscribe to the Podcast?

The easiset way (but not the only one) to subscribe to a podcast is to use iTunes.

1)Open iTunes
2)Select the "Advanced" Menu
3)Then select "Subscride to podcast"
4)and Copy the "Podcast Link" below into the box that appears.
5) Click "OK" and you are done.

Podcast Link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ReddingFirstChurch

This link looks different from the one I have now.

We decided to get a new link to the podcast that would allow us to grow and serve our subscibers better.So please update your links to this new one. Just follow the instructions above.

Will this only work with iTunes or an iPod?

No. Any program that allows you to subscribe to RSS links can be used to subscribe to our (or any) Podcast. And any mp3 player will be able to play it.